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Paramus Crossroads is superbly located at the intersection of Route 17 and the Garden State Parkway, right in the heart of the most prominent shopping destination in the United States, with the highest per capita retail spending in the nation (over $5 billion in annual retail sales). 

The quality and variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in Paramus is unrivaled. From super-regional malls like Westfield Garden State Plaza, to retail giants such as Target, Lowe’s, BJ’s and Kohls, to endless choices in both fine and fast-casual dining, this market fits every need of the consumer. That is why shoppers from all over New Jersey, Rockland and Orange County New York, and the Five Boroughs make Paramus their go-to destination. 

Home to four major malls and over 9 million square feet of retail space, Paramus continues to attract a variety of retailers from every category. Emerging brands from across the U.S. and abroad and those seeking to open new prototype locations all flock to Paramus. Despite a six-day retail operating week, many national brands like Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Sports Authority have chosen to open multiple locations in the borough. 

Paramus is the hub of a densely populated market of more than 120,000 residents in just a 3-mile radius, and more than 1.4 million people within 10 miles. Paramus also lays claim to a daytime population of nearly 250,000 within just five miles of Paramus Crossroads. 

Paramus is intersected by a number of major highways with incredible average daily traffic counts due to frequency of residents, commuters, and shoppers alike. Among these arteries are: Route 17 (145,000 ADT), Route 4 (146,000 ADT), and Garden State Parkway (115,000 ADT).


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Phone: 201.322.4701

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Phone: 201.712.1001